Business floristry. Basic rules

Lecture “Business floristry. Basic Rules” was integrated into the updated training program of the National Association of Protocol Specialists (NASP) and offered to students as part of the training module “The course “Practice of Modern Protocol”

The lecture was conducted by representatives of the Flower Protocol Department of the International Women’s Union.

The lecture was read:

Nadezhda Fedorova, Director of the Flower Protocol Department of the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S UNION, co–founder of the International Floral Code (IFC) Company – business floristry, landscaping, consulting.



Olga Postnikova, Head of the Floral Protocol department of the Online publication Embassy Life, co–founder of the International Floral Code (IFC) Company – business floristry, landscaping, consulting, architect



Decoration for official events requires a deep understanding of the floral protocol, which includes various rules and traditions, while taking into account international standards. Floral protocol plays a key role in creating the right atmosphere in sending the right message.

The following topics were covered during the lecture:

  1. Features of business floristry
  2. Cross-cultural communication
  3. Cultural features
  • Government events
  • Business events
  • Religion and symbolism
  • Funeral arrangements and laying       

Types of bouquets

  • cross-culture
  • religion
  • eventfulness
  1. Requirements and standards
  2. Setting a task for a florist

The goals and objectives of the lecture:

  1. Awareness of the problem
  2. Getting the necessary information
  3. Use the information obtained in critical situations to solve specific solutions

Despite the fact that the topic is relatively new in its segment, it turned out to be very popular for professionals. The listeners were happy to ask questions and get answers to them.

Where is this taught?

It is worth noting that today there is not a single educational institution in the country where a florist is trained to convey the right meanings through the language of flowers, select plant material and make up the design, according to the agenda and goals of a business meeting at the business or state level.

Also, a significant problem today is the lack of practical and theoretical knowledge among protocol services on the topic of “Business and protocol floristry in the context of cross-cultural communication.”

The founders of the Internatonal Floral Cod company are pioneers in this direction. Cooperating with cultural experts, they collect valuable information, process the acquired knowledge through the prism of a “practicing florist”, bring clarity and understanding to the life of protocol services how to implement this or that task.

IFC company plans to launch a full course “Business floristry from A to Z” in the fall of 2024.

Who is the focus of the course “The practice of modern protocol”?

The course “The practice of modern protocol”  open-program designed for the professional community, for those who are always in the shadows: the chief of protocol, the deputy chief of protocol, as well as for everyone who needs to solve daily tasks related to protocol within the framework of professional activity, or is interested in the profession of protocol officer.

We thank Gilana Mikhailova, Executive Director of the National Association of Protocol Specialists (NASP), General Director of the Business Protocol Agency for the opportunity to integrate our lecture into the updated NASP training program, for help and support in highlighting global cross-cultural issues expressed using the “language” of colors.


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