The award-participation in the Festival “By hands of a woman”.

For the second year in a row, the Bryansk chamber of Commerce and industry awards the winner with a trip to the all-Russian festival of arts and crafts “By hands of a woman”, so that our masters could show their works and others to see.

In recent years, in the Bryansk region, much attention is paid to Russian national culture, folk traditions and customs, folk art. Bryansk region, which has deep cultural and historical traditions, occupies a special place in modern Russia as a region where the spring of folk art managed to preserve its purity and authenticity, vitality and great potential.

Far beyond the Bryansk region are known our traditional folk crafts, in the region much is done to support and develop folk art and folk artists.

That is why one of the activities of the Union “Bryansk chamber of Commerce and industry” is to support the carriers of traditional cultural values, masters of national arts and crafts.

In order to preserve, promote and develop the best traditions of arts and crafts, to identify the best masters-women of the region on August 24 within the framework of “Sven fair-2019” Bryansk chamber of Commerce and industry together with the Department of culture of the Bryansk region, the center of folk art of the Bryansk region held the II regional competition of arts and crafts “Golden hands of women”. It was attended by 47 female masters who presented works of arts and crafts in various techniques.

All works that were submitted to the competition are unique. In them talent and soul craftsmen. It was very difficult for the jury to determine the winners. Therefore, each participant was awarded a diploma and a gift from the Bryansk CCI. And the winner of the competition was Larisa Ageeva, who was awarded a trip to the II all-Russian festival of arts and crafts “By hands of a woman” in Moscow

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