Meeting on promoting the Russian agenda in the Women’s twenty “W20”.

On February 21, the representative office of the far Eastern Federal University held a meeting on promoting the Russian agenda in the Women’s twenty. 

The following issues were on the agenda:

  • History and development of the Women’s twenty process”
  • Proposal for the work of the “Women’s twenty” for 2020.
  • Proposal for the final documents of the Saudi representation in the Women’s twenty”

The chair was :

Panova Victoria Vladimirovna

  • Sherpa of Russia in the ” Women’s twenty”
  • Chairman of the Primorsky regional branch of the Union of Women of Russia
  • Scientific Director of the expert Council for training and ensuring representation in BRICS
    President of the international Womens Union  – Amirova Alfiya took part in the round table on promoting the Russian agenda in the Women’s twenty.
    As part of the development of W20 memoranda, the following agendas are currently being announced:
    1. Female labor .
    2. Inclusion of women in the digital economy (digital inclusion).
    3. Inclusion of women in financial life (financial inclusion).
    4. Women’s entrepreneurship .
    5. Decision-making based on women’s opinions about the decision being made (inclusive decision-making).

The main goal is to form specific proposals for all five agendas for inclusion in the W20 – 2020 Memorandum for transmission to the presidents of the W20 member States.

It was nice to talk to the women who took part in the round table.

Special thanks to the Union of women’s Forces for inviting Us to such an important meeting!!!

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