Eternal youth of Your body: revitalization in Switzerland.

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Switzerland is one of the leading countries in the world for rejuvenation programs. This country has a huge scientific base in the field of regenerative medicine.

A favorable climate combined with a huge scientific base in the field of regenerative medicine, modern clinics, advanced technologies and highly qualified specialists – exclusive care for the youth of your body.

Revitalization is a set of measures aimed at preventing aging and improving well-being.

The program of revitalization of the body, developed in Switzerland, is unique and patented. In particular, the clinic where it is conducted owns a patent for CLP extract (it is made from the liver of sheep embryos). CLP allows you to slow down the aging process, the growth and spread of cancer cells, improves the hormonal background and metabolism.

The program is recommended for patients after 40 years of age. In the case of chronic fatigue or severe stress, the revitalization program can be applied at an earlier age. Its effectiveness is proven by patients who are regular visitors to the clinic and share positive reviews. The body’s defenses are activated, memory and sleep are improved, a surge of energy is felt, and the symptoms of chronic diseases are reduced. The result is saved from 1 to 2 years.

The revitalization program includes:

  • medical examination: laboratory tests, chest x-ray, ECG, ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity;
  • exclusive Rehabilitation program in the clinic;
  • consultation and subsequent daily observations of the attending doctor, as well as the services of a nurse;
  • consultation and supervision of a dietitian;
  • individual consultation in the centers of aesthetic medicine and beauty Beautymed;
  • face care procedure using Swiss perfection cosmetics.This exclusive brand is made exclusively from plant cells, which allows you to effectively fight the signs of aging of the skin, accelerating its regeneration.
    massage session;
  • group fitness and gymnastics classes in the water;
  • one individual training session;
  • five-night stay with full Board in a luxury room.

Guests can enjoy unlimited access to the fitness center, pool, sauna, Turkish bath and Jacuzzi. If necessary, the patient can consult with specialized specialists.

Be cheerful and beautiful!

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