Fast Business Dating.

Find investors, clients and partners in 1 evening! Save your energy and time! Take a step to new opportunities on December 12!

Business club “territory of success” invites December 12 to “Fast business Dating” – the third networking for small and medium-sized businesses, which will be held in Moscow.

“International  Womens Union” is the official information partner of the event.

Who is this event for?

  • For those who want to reach a new level of business development
  • Who can’t achieve the company’s goals with current connections/ resources
  • Who wants to learn how TO easily form an affiliate network for business

What do you get by participating in this event?

  • Effective presentation of your business (product)
  • The opportunity to present your company (product) to potential customers, partners and investors!
  • Photo and video report from the event
  • Video of your performance posted on YouTube
  • Report with the degree of interest of EACH participant with contacts to the partnership or orders from Your business!
  • Quickly meet the right people (minimum 50 warm contacts)
  • Transformation from strangers to business partners
  • Offer for promotion on the grounds of the Business club ” territory of success»
  • Winners will receive prizes From the sponsors of the meeting
  • Participation in the draw of club cards

Uniqueness of the project
We live in an interesting time, an interesting country. If you look at the successful careers of many successful businessmen and politicians-this is nothing but the result of successful networking projects.
But here’s a strange thing-smart heads understand that networking is useful and you can achieve a lot with it. But nowhere in our country is this systemically taught.
Another problem we are solving:
Surely you know one of the recipes for success: “to be in the right place at the right time with the right people”? There is another: “lucky-the one who is lucky»
We combined these two recipes in a networking meeting ” Fast business Dating»
Why is this important?
Because event organizers are often addicted to content and often do not know how to do organized networking for participants.
That in our understanding “organized” = “effective networking at the event”.
Selected target audience
Business owners, top managers, developing specialists, active participants of business communities, representatives of government, sports movements, culture, media, investors, authors of start-up and their teams, entrepreneurs, socially active people interested in the development of their relations.
Due to the correct use of unique networking technologies, participants have one of the most important networking effects-the “trust Effect”, which allows to reach important agreements between people who are not familiar to this day.

Program “Fast business Dating” 12.12.2019 :*

18.30-19.00 gathering of participants, registration for the event;

19.00-19.10 welcome speech of the organizers;
19.10-19.30 Speech By Alexander Kichaev. Topic: “Networking for building a personal brand»;

19.30-21.50 Fast Business Dating;
21.50-22.00 Prizes and gifts from sponsors;
Leading and moderator of the event President of the business club “territory of Success” business lady Oksana Voloshina.
For one evening on December 12 you will receive:
new business connections, like-minded people on your interests, partners, investors and sponsors
pleasant atmosphere, in the company of interesting people in a comfortable place

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