Blepharoplasty in South Korea.

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Practicing plastic surgeon Kim Jong-Min shares his experience.

Recently, I asked South Korean surgeon Kim Jong-Min to talk about one of the most popular operations – blepharoplasty.
Find out the details in detail.
“Hello! I am a practicing plastic surgeon Kim Jong-Min at a South Korean clinic.

Blepharoplasty is traditionally one of the most popular operations for patients. For age-related patients, this is the way to solve problems in the field of rejuvenation, for a younger audience – aesthetics, for example, changing the section of the eyes.

For us, there are no unsolvable problems, because patients with a variety of cases come to the clinic: drooping eyelids, fat formations, excess skin, congenital pathologies, complications after operations, etc.

I would like to emphasize that today blepharoplasty is an alternative method of correcting birth defects and eliminating age-related deformities if non-surgical methods have not given the expected result.

I would also like to tell you about the specifics of blepharoplasty between Korean and Russian patients.
The distinctive shape of Asian eyes is their small incision, so many Asian patients, including Koreans, have eye surgery to enlarge them. This operations such as blefaroplastika for creating a double eyelid or a change in the cut corners of the eye (pulls it downwards).

European and Russian patients are prone to completely different eye operations. The most common patients are those who want to eliminate sagging eyelids. In my experience, in many cases, skin sagging is noticeably greater in European than in Korean patients. Therefore, compared to Asian eyes, where you can do with one upper blepharoplasty and create a natural line of the eyelids, Russian and European patients need a more complex operation. So in addition to upper blepharoplasty, there are often cases where you need to simultaneously perform a braulift (skin lift under the eyebrows) together with a forehead plastic (forehead lift).

Each patient has their own needs and anatomical features, so it is very important to choose an experienced surgeon with a high knowledge of the structure of the skin tissues of the eyes, so that the result of the operation is satisfactory for patients.

I always tell my patients not to delay the operation if it is indicated, and not to try to come to terms with the existing problem. Postoperative rehabilitation is fast enough, especially since some types of blepharoplasty are performed without sutures, if a thin incision is made from the inside of the eye.

The recovery process also depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. The role is played by age, features of the structure of tissues, the presence of concomitant chronic diseases and lifestyle. Modern methods of rehabilitation can reduce the recovery period.

Now I will try to allay your fears and give some useful tips based on my experience:
After surgery, the swelling of the eyelids for 7 to 10 days should not cause concern, it is a natural reaction to the intervention. The disappearance of weak bruises occurs after 2 to 3 days, and less significant bruises can last up to 2 weeks.
Do not worry if you feel dryness, tightness of the eyelids, reaction to light, involuntary watering – these symptoms occur quite often. I prescribe eye drops for my patients.
One of the most frequently asked questions: will the seam be noticeable?
Approximately 2 months after the operation, a very thin and almost imperceptible scar in the form of a thread will remain at the site of the incision. But it is very important to follow all the recommendations in the postoperative period.

Within 3 days after the operation, make cold compresses. Hot compresses should not be done.
It is not recommended to bend down or lift weights.
Exclude all thermal treatments (sauna, hot shower, bath, Solarium) for a month.
Exclude sports activities for 30 days.
Try not to apply makeup to the eye area for 2 weeks after surgery.
It is recommended to abstain from alcohol and Smoking for 6 months.
The more correctly you follow these recommendations,the faster your postoperative recovery will be. I also recommend doing special eye exercises when the recovery period is over, it is very simple.

Slow eye movements left-right, up-down. Look up and blink. Place your fingers on your eyelids, but do not press, and try to open your eyes without removing your fingers. With your fingers, pull the skin on your temples so that your eyes narrow like those of Asians. All this should be done slowly, 4-5 repetitions.

And the last thing I wanted to say: don’t try to find an opportunity to do blepharoplasty as cheaply as possible. It is better to trust an experienced specialist. After all, it is not only about your beauty, but also about your health.”

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